Dienstag, 13. August 2013


Essensu stellt günstige und interessant klingende Parfumöle her, die sich über Etsy hier bestellen lassen. Die Parfumöle kommen in Roll-ons oder fest. Bei den festen Düften wird normalerweise Bienenwachs verwendet, die Shopbesitzerin kann die festen Parfums auf Wunsch aber auch mit Pflanzenwachs herstellen. Essensu hat freundlicherweise den Fragebogen ausgefüllt, hier ist er:

"1. Does your company test its finished products, or ingredients in its products, on animals?
Absolutely not!

2. Does your company commission other companies to test your products, or ingredients in your products, on animals?

Absolutely not!

3. Does your company allow its finished products or components thereof to be tested on animals by sub-contractors?

Absolutely not!

4. Does your company sell its finished products or components thereof in shops in China (owned or not owned by the company)?


5. Does you company have an explicit policy about working only with suppliers who 1. Don’t test on animals and 2. Don’t commission other companies to test on animals?


6. Do any of your finished products or components thereof contain animal derived ingredients (including – but not limited to – milk, beeswax, gelatine, lard, honey or lanolin)?

Yes. However, we are happy to formulate our solid perfumes in a vegetable wax rather than beeswax for those who prefer this. All of our perfume oils are made with plant based oils.

7. Can your company rule out that any of the ingredients purchased from a supplier are animal derived?


8. Is your company owned by another company or is it fully independent?

We are an independently owned company.

9. Is your company certified through IHTK, HCS, The Vegan Society, etc?


(If it isn’t, it would be great if you could offer a short explanation as to why not)

We are a U.S. company, and we are not exclusively a vegan company. We do offer many of our products in vegan formulations, as well as gluten free. We can also customize most of our products to a vegan alternative, for no additional fee. We respect the choice of those who prefer to purchase vegan friendly products, but also respect those who wish to have the benefits of ingredients that are not vegan, in their products."

Die Pfotenlegende findet ihr hier.

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